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Do you know what the process is like when it comes to hiring a foreign worker? The procedure which you need to follow through when hiring employees from a foreign country can be complicated. Not only that, you will also need to meet the specific regulation which wasmet out by the government which can further complicate the entire hiring process.

If you feel that there is a lot of stress involved in hiring a foreign worker, I would suggest for you to seek assistance from external agencies because there are professionals who specialize in hiring foreign workers for companies. They are otherwise known as foreign workers agency.

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Companies might be in a situation whereby, they can’t find someone in their country that fits the job profile for the position which they are looking for. No matter what the reason might be for hiring a foreign worker, it doesn’t change the fact that it will not be an easy task and may sometimes take a long time to accomplish. However, foreign workers’ agencies have made this easier for companies. Now companies will have the right help from agencies when it comes to hiring a foreign worker and assisting them in every steps involved in the hiring process.

Finding the right staff for a position can be difficult but it is not as difficult as taking care of the administrative arrangements for the hiring of foreign nationals. Countries that have experienced growth in infrastructure and process industries these past few years might require a large workforce. For this to be achieved foreign workers have to be employed and this is where foreign recruitment services come in. However, not all recruitment agencies might be capable of providing the right foreign workers and handling all the necessary details involved in it. Most of the foreign workers’ agency can getyouyour required foreign workers butthey might not complete the requirements and details of the recruitment process with immigration and this is not something that your human resource team should have to go through because this process can be very tedious and stressful. It is better for you to look for a trusted foreign workers agency that will handle all the necessary processes. All you have to do is to share with them your requirements. They will then be able to find the potential employees which will be the right fit for your company.

Few Tips for Recruiting Foreign Workers

A detailed job description

A detailed job description is required when you wish to hire foreign workers. The job description should have enough information that would give the people who are seeking for jobs an insight on what they are about to do and how the working environment would be.  It will be good if the description shows how sincere and devoted your company is when it comes to the welfare of your workers. The language you would like the foreign workers to speak in your company should be the language you should use in writing the description.


You should make a request tothe recruitment agency that everyone applying for your company should apply with references that show details of their work experience. This allows you to know and understand the potential candidates better.

Previous work

If you go through the resume of an applicant and you like what you see and you would like to offer the individual a position in your company, you should request to take a look at the person’s previous work experience – allowing you to have more information about the candidate. Having a look at the applicant’s previous work experience will let you if the person suits the position which they are applying for.

Important Things to Remember About Hiring Foreign Workers

Hiring a foreign worker can be a simple process – just like hiring a Singapore citizen if you decided to go with a foreign worker recruitment agency. However, there might just be some extra work that needs to be done such as sponsoring their Visa and other necessary processes. You can find out further after you have discussed with your agency. Below are things you should bear in mind during the process of hiring a foreign worker;

Avoid discrimination– Ensure all your foreign workers are being treated fairly. You should avoid treating foreign workers differently from the way you treat citizens that work in your company. It is possible for you to be sued for discrimination.

Stay legal-You should ensure that all processes involved hiring the workers have been completed. All forms need to be signed and keep records of each document.

Services provided by a foreign worker agency

The services they render are as follows;

  • They are involved in the selection process of candidates.
  • They help in carrying out specialist recruitment
  • They also do advertisement design
  • Documents selection will be prepared by them
  • They also handle applications and inquiries
  • Help in short listing applications
  • Skill tests are also conducted (if necessary)


They do the job search for you

One of the major benefits you would enjoy as a job seeker by approaching a foreign worker agency is that they will be able to match you to the job that suits your skills and experience. You can also use their website as a platform to look for jobs that you like.

They will also be able to offer you feedback on the entire hiring process. Foreign recruitment agencies have a large network – some of which might not have been published in public recruitment portals. Theyalso know details of the business/company and have good knowledge on how the market works. They will be able to advise you on the kind of job positions which is suitable and available for you to apply for.

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