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Hiring Foreign Workers Through A Foreign Recruitment Agency In Singapore

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Since Singapore has been a business destination for many people across the globe, foreign talents are attracted to the city due to the opportunities to several well-paid jobs, and the safe environment here in Singapore. According to MOM, there are in total more than 1 million foreign workforce in Singapore.Not only that, the influx of foreign manpower in Singapore is crucial to its growth for various reasons. First, for an economy growing at such a fast pace, there might not be enough locals to meet the required workforce numbers. Second, foreign talent comes with an advanced set of skills, while it will take some time to train the locals as per the required demands. Third, the foreign workforce increases the productivity of companies, which, as a result, raises the wage level of both the foreign and local workforce. Last but not least, investors and suppliers from across the globe do consider inclusion and balance in a company because it represents the quality, innovation, and creativity of a company.


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As we are discussing the influx of foreign workforce in Singapore, another noticeable trend in Singapore is the increase in the number of foreign recruitment agencies. Given that, there is another question that is raised by many people.

Why do we need foreign worker recruitment agency in Singapore?

Considering the fast economic growth and competitive environment of Singapore, it is clear that the recruitment of workers will constantly be increasing. New companies are launching, new businesses are opening, and the need for new workers never ends. However, the need for foreign talents increases when companies might be on the lookout for innovative skills, new experiences, and diversity in their work environment.

If you are looking forward to hiring new workers and you are still considering the benefits on whether you should be hiring professional recruiters, here are some more of foreign recruitment agencies that might be able to help you make your decision:


1) Save company’s resources

As a matter of fact, in-house recruitment can be very costly for any company because the hiring process for new foreign employees is not a simple task. It takes weeks and months to decide the opening of vacancies, advertising on different international media. Not forgetting the screening process, shortlisting candidates for interviews, communicating with them, interviewing, checking for their backgrounds, evaluating information for final decisions, and so on. All these stages not only require the time of the human resource department but also the money and resources of the company. Also, if the companies are recruiting new workers regularly, the expenses might snowball to an even larger amount. Not only that, there might also be companies that do not have an allocated HR department, it will be taxing on employees who have to take on the additional roles and they might not have the expertise to efficiently carry out the hiring process. This will incur additional costs and burden on the company’s end as well.


2) Recruitment Agencies’ expertise

The foreign recruitment agencies generally keep updated lists of qualified foreigners from all over the world who reach out to them for jobs and opportunities. If you have the need to hire foreign employees, all you have to do is let them know on your requirements for the employee, and leave the rest of the work to them. These agencies do most of the job, including finding suitable applicants, and checking on their backgrounds. Eventually, the company is directly able to get a trusted and capable candidate. Another important factor is the hunt for the required recruits. The bigger companies may have large networks, but smaller businesses or start-ups do struggle with networking internationally to find a qualified and suited workforce. Meanwhile, the foreign recruit agency stays connected with different regions of the world, hence brings out a diverse number of capable and skilled foreign workers to Singapore. Additionally, a foreign recruitment agency can also help foreign workers in getting work permits, which makes the whole process way easier for companies as well.


3) Assurance from the recruitment agency

There are many foreign recruitment agency that have strong confidence in finding the best-suited workers for your company. Some of them might either offer money-back guarantee (partial or in full) or they might continue looking out for the next potential hire if you find yourself in situations where you might not be satisfied with the new hire. You might also be able to negotiate a warranty period similar to a probationary period with the agency, so you can test out whether the new employee is suited for the job. If the foreign worker succeeds in training and fulfills your requirements, you can proceed with offering them a permanent position. Otherwise, you can reach out to the agency again for re-hiring of the same position.


4) Apt selection as per your needs

As mentioned earlier, recruitment agencies keep updated lists of new foreign applicants. Moreover, many recruitment agencies specialize in specific niches, such as technology, development, marketing, cyber security, or accounting. Their specialization can help a company in finding someone who will be well suited in their field. The in-house hiring team of a company may not be specialized in a particular field to access and evaluate the related skills of applicants. In this case, the foreign recruitment agency offers its service by aptly screening and short listing the potential candidates. Though they might come up with a smaller pool of candidates after the screening process, they will make sure that you will be able to get the best-suited employee as per your requirements.

Foreign worker recruitment agency in Singapore are not only flexible with the budget and resources that business are able to work with, but they will also carry out the entire process with responsibility and accountability. Keeping everything professional and quick, they make sure that the company faces no delay in getting the required foreign workforce for the vacant slots, hence maximizing their productivity.

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